Friday, 21 November 2014

We have been begging for this to be invented and now someone on for a corker of a product review and get it on your Christmas list!

The must-have accessory for all you Scooter lovers out there, you heard it here first!

It's no secret that we at Mumsnet Hackney love a product review. We are very lucky that we do generally have a small queue of very generous people happy to allow us to do what is easily the guiltiest pleasure of blogging. So what makes this product review different from the others? On this occasion MNH was so impressed with this beautifully simple scooter transporting device that I don't mind admitting that actually I totally crossed the line of professionalism and instigated this review. 

I met Scooterslingz creator Penny Othen whilst attending Google Campus for Mums, business training for parents: a veritable smorgasbord of business brains and inspiring entrepreneurs. What made Penny stand out was the fact she turned up to class with a microscooter, as you do. 

After confirming this was not her preferred mode of transport and it was in fact a prop to demonstrate her product: the nifty Scooterslingz bag, designed to easily transport your child's scooter, I was all ears. Having a dedicated scooter lover in our family in the shape of our eldest. with a buggy being my youngest son's preferred mode of transport, I regularly attempt what I can only describe as an apparatus conundrum. 

Pushing a buggy with a buggy board and a scooter slung over the handle is something I regularly struggle with. However, this is the only way available to me as I utilise the storage space under our buggy to wedge in youngest's Scuttlebug and our changing bag. Don't even get me started on attempting to take this awkward entourage of wheels onto a bus. 

I also recently had a rather unfortunate experience when walking through the park. I'd attempted to slot my sons scooter over my shoulder to leave my hands free to transport coats, helmets and other appendages. Without being too in depth here I will just say I narrowly avoided wearing the animal excrement that had inadvertently become lodged in the scooter's wheel. 

So, poo-based anecdotes aside and onto the important stuff, how exactly do you fit a mini right angle into a bag? It's a little known fact that a Microscooter's handle bars can be removed very easily. All you need to do is turn the scooter upside down and at the base between the front wheels where the T bar meets the scooter, there is a button. By holding the button down you can then un-slot the T bar, giving you a scooter in 2 pieces. 

The 'before' shot
Scooter now ready to be stowed away. 

One flat packed scooter

The bag is ergonomically shaped so you can easily slide the scooter and T bar inside. It closes with a flap that closes over the top, secured with a strap that clips neatly and snugly around the scooter. You can then literally sling the scooter onto your back and away you go. The strap is adjustable so it doesn't rattle around and, awkward shape aside, a micro scooter is as light as a feather. The bag has a hook so if you do store your child's scooter indoors you can now flat pack it and hang your scooter up. The bag's fabric is waterproof, neatly folds into it's own nifty little drawstring storage bag and is available in a selection of colours or this gorgeous patterned design. 

Naturally this innovative design comes with it's owned beautifully matched little storage bag
If you have it on good authority that Father Christmas might be bringing your child a Microscooter this year then do yourself a favour and make sure you add this to your Christmas list, as its nothing short of a life and hand saver.

For further information or to purchase a Scooterslingz bag, which retails at £19.99 please click here

Mumsnet Hackney received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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