Saturday, 15 November 2014

Gherkin for lunch?

Searcy's at The Gherkin

Yes, we know, MNH is very spoiled indeed to experience arguably 2 of the best views of London in one week. Days after a trip to the see the View from the Shard we paid a visit to 30 St Mary Axe, more commonly known as the gherkin. It is a little know fact that the top floor of this commercial skyscraper in London’s primary financial district houses the exclusive Searcy’s restaurant: the highest private member’s club in England and, for the next few weeks only, it has opened it’s doors to the public so of course we felt duty bound to go and investigate. 

Similar to the Shard, security checks are required prior to riding up the 41 floors to the top, via 2 lifts. As you walk through the polished, sleek, industrial corridors it’s hard not to automatically take on a sophisticated swagger (or in my case pretend, just for a moment, I am the good wife) However, it’s hard to maintain sophisticated poise when you ascend the spiral stair case to the top floor where you are met by a jaw dropping view.

I can’t pretend I had any interest in attending Searcy’s at the Gherkin just to talk about the food. With a view like this whilst you dine, I would have happily eaten beans on toast. However, who wouldn’t ask the question: was the food as mind blowing as the view? Ok so I’m not sure food and dramatic views of London should ever have to come up against each other, a get out clause to not answer that question? Quite possibly. However, the food did not disappoint. I visited on a Sunday afternoon and the aroma of roast beef as you walked into the restaurant was incredible and immediately put me in the mood for Sunday lunch. I started with squash soup, with salted granola and a poached quails egg. It was a delightful appetiser and I was pleased the granola was salted as Searcy’s is clearly so confident about it’s food that seasoning was not something available on our table. The main course of course was Roast rump of beef, for me this was cooked to perfection, rare. Followed by creme brûlée topped with poached pears. Everything about the menu encapsulated hunger-assuaging comforting warmth.  Next week we'll be having elevenses up the BT Tower.

Searcy’s is open until Christmas, to book your table click here

MNH was not requested or incentivised in any way to conduct this review. 

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