Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's not too late to add this lovely box of goodness to your Christmas list...

The yummy contents of the November/December SKNY box

When it comes to food box subscriptions, surely the first word that springs to mind is mundane, right? Whether it’s vegetables, nuts or random fine dining related herbs, we at Mumsnet Hackney are yet to have our heads turned by this whole new concept of obtaining food, that was until I met budding entrepreneur Gina Madu, mastermind of  SKNY box and fellow graduate of Google Campus business training for Mums. 

SKNY box from the outside

Firstly, relax, SKNY might be pronounced skinny but is an acronym for ‘Stronger, Knowledgable New You' which as a concept alone captured my interest (although I also liked their mantra of ‘we do not do skinny’ too). So what could possibly be delivered to your door that will create this strength and knowledge exactly? In summary the box is made up of 6 - 8 items which includes a range of snacks, food, drinks, a spice & recipe kit and a bespoke fitness plan. 

It’s one thing to meet a business brain who’s bubbly and disarmingly friendly but completely another to totally covet their business idea and this was all before I’d even received my SKNY box through the post. Now lets get down to what you really want to know, what’s inside the box?

  • A packet of Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Propercorn 
  • A sizeable tub of Natvia sweetener (200g)
  • Rosemary and Thyme Soffles Pitta Chips 
  • A pot of Kabuto Noodles
  • Beauty Candy – Strawberry candies with collagen
  • Nakd Cashew Cookie Bar 
  • Flavourmagic Harissa Spice sachet and recipe card
  • A Raw Booster sachet
  • Carton of Green Lemon Hampstead Iced Tea
  • A pack of Lemony Lover Oloves - that’s not a typo, just a nifty play on words.
  • 30 Day Plan Fat Buster Winter Workout

In the last year having suffered a mild gluten intolerance and completed Sarah Wilson’s 'I Quit Sugar' detox, I would describe myself as quite nutrition conscious and I feel quite well versed in swiftly deciphering most food ingredients labels and confirming a snack's suitability to be devoured or hastily abandoned. Generally the main reason I would avoid something like this would be because of the likelihood of receiving a barrage of foods that are labelled as ‘low fat’ or ‘low sugar’ but are instead packed full of sweeteners or fructose to generate flavour. However, I was very nicely surprised indeed. Virtually all of these items were things that I would happily feed my children (apart from the the collagen candies and the Iced tea of course) although the main USP was actually I didn't want to share this with anyone. 

I have already been converted to the calorie free natural sweetener Natvia and found it quite hard to find in health food shops so to receive a healthy sized tub was very gratifying indeed and I will most definitely be attempting the Tzatziki recipe flavoured with harissa spice - and not just because it's main ingredient is beetroot and therefore it will be pink. The verdict on sugar content? The Iced Tea came top of the list in terms of sugar levels and the Beauty Candies are full of sweetener but these items aside I would happily devour all of this in one sitting. 

The 30 Day Fat Buster Winter Workout leaflet gives you a training schedule detailing a daily activity which includes rest from exercise every 3 days. It then talks you through the weight training moves using pictures as well as description and two high intensity interval training routines. The instructions were clear and easy to follow (despite being written in very tiny print) and each move included moderations for beginners.  

So overall I was very impressed indeed. In fact I think I may have developed a minor crush this snack box and will now commence figuring out how I can shoehorn a SKNY box subscription onto my Christmas list. 

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