Monday, 20 October 2014

WARNING: This review may cause you to reinstate your soap dish

So Mumsnet Hackney was very fortunate indeed to receive a bundle of goodies from the Maldon Soap company, in exchange for an honest review. I had quite forgotten about the humble bar of soap, having long been converted to liquid hand soap and shower gel, probably since leaving University.. too long ago then I care to mention. Soap is surely something that’s just one of those items that in a few years time our children will see in books or programs about the 80s which they’ll point and laugh at right? Well, after languishing in numerous long baths all in the name of ensuring I gave a fully informed review (yes it was tough), I expected to come out of this experience with confirmation of soap’s fall from fashion and probably considerably drier skin, so I am pleased to say I was proved very wrong indeed. Actually my first thought was one of dismay as I realised I would need to invest in a soap dish!

A little further information about The Maldon Soap Company taken from their website ‘All of our soaps, shampoos and cosmetic products are handmade using only the finest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. We use Maldon Sea Salt and Maldon Honey in some of our products. We use pure aromatherapy quality essential oils so you can be sure that each product will be beneficial for your skin, hair and wellbeing.  We do not use palm oil, parabens, SLS or other nasties, nor do we add extra foaming agent to our cold process soaps. We use vegetable glycerine from palm free sources and nothing we use has ever been tested on animals.
I have to say it was a pleasure to test all of the soap and cream pots I was sent, however there were some that were exceptional so what can be more ideal at a time of year when skin is prone to being dry and the subtle hinting of ideas for Christmas commences I thought I would give you my top 5, all neatly linked should you wish to click on their names to find out more or maybe just treat yourself to one or two:

5)  Skin saving balm - beautifully creamy balm with tones of citrus and lavender. Sweet tasting but possibly a little too acidic to be a lip balm but perfect for dry hands and elbows. I also used this on some dry patches on my face, another perennial symptom of the onset of autumn which I usually find can only be resolved by Nivea lip balm and this stuff worked a treat!

4)  Glycerin and lavender hand cream - texture of a lip balm, wonderfully calming scent and just lovely on washing-up liquid addled hands

3)  Parma violet soap - Did I say soap belonged in the 80s? Well this particular soap will take you back there with it’s retro aroma that really does smell like parma violets. It’s positively glorious and it’s rich lather leaves your skin both cleansed and moisturised.  

2)   Coconut and oat soap. My favourite soap of all in terms of scent, lather and beautifully soft outcome despite being roughly textured. I felt like I’d not only washed my hands but also used a moisturiser! This has replaced my kitchen liquid hand soap

1)  Minty scrubby foot gel. Ok so I’m not sure I’ve ever used any kind of foot scrub in the past but this I can genuinely say this stuff is amazing. I never thought I would use the word invigorated to describe my toes but that’s certainly how they felt after using this. Give your feet a treat, this stuff is magic. 

From this there is only one thing I can deduce - the soap shaped hole in my life is now most certainly filled. 

Mumsnet Hackney was given a selection of Maldon Soap Products in exchange for an honest review. 

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